Nov 19

Tanner North: Am I Even Here for the 1st Time Right Now? *story Time

First of can I say how exciting it is to have my little blog spot on here (for those that don’t know I run a blog site but only difference is I don’t get coins for writing on this one LOL)Well I guess I should introduce myself huh!? *hahaMy name is Tanner North I’m Latino with Honduran heritage mixed with Mexican influences. YES I SPEAK SPANISH. I’ve been camming for 2 years (November 1st 2017 marked my 2 year anniversary) I’m an XBIZ Award Nominated camboy and other awards too but that one carries more weight LOLI have a lot of titles from internet personality to president/chairman so don’t be fooled and think I don’t have any brains because trust me I have some plus love to receive some if you know what I mean ;)I have a weird sense of humor if you haven’t noticed yet, plus I can talk for hours If you let me. I’m super opinionated and a little selfish at times, I guess I should also mention I’m boujee as fu*k so don’t be offended if I’m shoving the “send me credits” down your throat (Versace and Prada is expensive so Papi needs coins to pay for it ALL) I’m going to stop because remember *cough* I’m not getting paid to write this *hahahaha All jokes aside I could go on for hours because I’m like an onion, I have 60 layers and each time you peel a layer, you learn more and more about me and how annoying I am LOLI’ll tell you more about me so if you’re interested. Lets chat on cam and if I’m not on go ahead and call me on my extension number, (It’s on my profile if you were wondering, if you weren’t then this bracket is pointless)Well da*n you made it this far now, so go ahead and follow me on my socials.Twitter+Intsagram+Snapchattannersnorth

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Nov 16

Samuel Roos: Fantasy

All these days I’ve been a bit thoughtful sexually, I’ve been too excited in my room when I’m alone, I’d like to have sex at the exact moment that I want it to be, as something that takes over my mind, feel a wet kiss for all my body and desire with madness to do so many things, in short there are so many things that one would like to do in sex xoxo

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Nov 12

Mathias Ford: A Happy Return

then you have a small and pleasant stay I’m back to fill them with great desire and great satisfactions Tin company who like me I am glad too see and be the architect of his imagination flying the actor of your dreams completed the engine of their more low feelings happy to return and with all the desire to dedicate myself back to give them the best of mi and filled not only with the best power if not all the imagination that leads us to spend incredible on your side moments always are welcome and fel izmente tinned here I am again to feel them every day closer

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Nov 09

Jay Sweethard: Im Begin Here Let My Chace ;p

m spirituel guy and you need my for fun smile and joke i speaks french and begin in english , im love gift , money and fun im lite macho and im flexed my comportement for you to im real just very good with all people !! I have nice body and e.c.t … genetics superbly speak french 1ers english 2iem Thx for time to read 🙂 / merci jâespère bien faire votre bonheur ou ce que vous désirer jaime faire plaisir au gens et je suis pas gêner mais je peux être aussi réserver et affectueux merci (M.C)

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